Myths About Sex Dolls!!!

Sexual toys are rapidly becoming a household name in the world. However a stigma has still surrounded sex dolls despite becoming immensely popular As the awareness about the benefits of these sex dolls is spreading, more and more people are quashing the taboo. However, there are still a lot of naysayers that malign and marginalize this new-formed community of sex doll lovers. There have been campaigns and hate movements against them both online and offline and they are somehow still considered weird and immoral. People who are known to have sex dolls have been targets of hateful emails and bullying both on the internet as well as in real life. They are somehow made to think that their indulgence with these sex doll torso makes them taboo as well. Their privacy is invaded and they are made to think that the pleasure they are deriving from these dolls is immoral and sinful. They are called various names which have put this community under intense pressure. Most of it has to do with the myths, that have been spread online. There are no of these myths that are totally baseless and today we are going to look at some of them:

Sex dolls are creating an atmosphere where women will be treated as objects:

The truth is that men look for comfort and warmth that a woman provides and whenever they are having sex with these dolls, they imagine them to be women. They are looking for affection and they often bond with these BBW sex dolls which makes them happier. They are more patient which helps them, respect women, even more than before. Basically, it’s much more than just fucking a sex doll. It’s more like an emotional reunion and emotional connection along with physical pleasure. In fact, these sex dolls have created much more respect for women as they are idolized after them.

There is something wrong and inadequate about sex doll owners:

The moral policing in the sex doll owners have put a stigma upon them declaring to be some sort of perverts. Everyone masturbates and watches porn, but when it comes to sex dolls, somehow people have very narrow minds. They malign and criticize lifesize sex doll owners and go as far as publically harassing and humiliating them. They bully them every chance they get, be it online or offline. The truth is that there is nothing wrong with having sex with these sex doll torsos. They are complementary and help people in attaining pleasure just like masturbation and other sex toys.

Sex Doll owners are mostly men:

A lot of people think that sex dolls are only there to please men and that is right to some extent however it’s not completely right. A large no of women also indulge in sex doll lovemaking sessions and they thoroughly enjoy that. Sex doll toys are increasingly becoming popular with women as well and a lot of women now own these beautiful sex dolls to make their sex lives better. Some of them buy these sex dolls to make them as their partners while others are using and owning them with their partners and husbands. A woman fucking a sex doll is not a nonexistent thing.

Myths About Sex Dolls!!!-MiisooDoll

Sex dolls are very expensive:

Another myth that has been circulating about sex dolls is that they are super expensive. It is to be noted that sex dolls come in various qualities and pricing however they are not extra expensive. They can be afforded by middle-class people all around the world due to their affordability. In fact, it’s one of the features of these beautiful love dolls that makes them immensely popular among people. Sex doll price is not an issue if you want to enjoy a pleasure that knows no bounds.

Sex dolls promote rape culture:

It’s quite wrong to think that sex dolls promote rape culture. They actually do the opposite. Sex dolls are a means to lessen sexual violence in our society and have been playing their positive part in this regard for the last 5 years or so. Sexual crimes will certainly go even lower when people would have outlets to pleasure and hence they would become aware and sensible.

In short, we can say that sex dolls are the way towards being better and pleasure full future and whether you like them or hate them, you cannot just simply ignore them.

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