The Seven Guides To Clean A Sex Doll

The sex doll is a popular love doll that allows you to explore all your sexual fantasies in whatever sex position of your choice. A sexual doll creates a bond with the romantic partner, either single or married. After all these lovely sexual activities off and off the bed, you should also return the favor by taking adequate care of it. It is not a hard process, but people sometimes fail to get it right or overdoes it, which can be harmful to the sex doll in various ways and indirectly can cause harm to you if proper care is not taken. To avoid these scenarios, it is advisable to pay grasp attention to the details you are about to learn today.

After a wonderful experience with your love doll, personal hygiene maintenance is required for this lovely doll. Past experiences that show overcleaning a sexual doll decreases the lifespan, but this is not a suggestion that agrees to neglect the hygiene practices. It only tells you that you need to be guided to do it right.

Beware! The numerous questions asked about the proper way to clean a lifelike sex doll have been compiled to form this guide.

How many days in a week do I need to clean my sex doll?

To maintain an equilibrium between proper cleaning and not overcleaning to maintain the quality and the lifespan. Ideally, you clean once in 2-4 weeks depending on the usage. Some people who clean their love dolls every time after usage should be aware that they are degrading the skin of the sex dolls and this can eventually lead to a permanent indentation and make the skin tear up faster.

The Seven Guides To Clean A Sex Doll-MiisooDoll

What do I need to avoid when cleaning my sex doll?

There are several things to avoid:

–  Avoid wearing sharp objects or metal objects like rings when cleaning any part of the doll as it could lead to skin scarring and punctures.

–  Avoid the unnecessary use of force on the skin as it could lead to tear

–  Avoid using cleaning agents that can react with the materials the doll the made of.

–  Avoid using heat from the hairdryer to dry the doll, the effect is detrimental.

–  Never immerse the neck or head of the doll underwater and also don’t make them wet for a long period.

What can I use to clean my sex doll?

There are several methods to clean a sex doll, but the ideal method requires the use of mild cleaning agents to protect the doll from deteriorating faster.

–  Water

–  Soft sponge

–  Medical pincer

–  Non-abrasive cloth

–  Paper towel

–  Antibacterial soap

–  Talcum powder

These seven cleaning agents will minimize the deterioration of your doll if you have been using something else. Give it a try today!

What is the proper way to clean a doll’s body?

Cleaning a doll doesn’t require a nanny or an expert to do the job. It is quite a simple process and similar to cleaning your human skin, but there are no repair tissues, therefore, don’t be too hard on it, or else you are drowning in a pool of pity for the damage that would occur to the skin of the sex doll.

To clean the life size sex doll, you can either opt for a shower bath or a dip in the bathtub. Apply the antibacterial soap and wash your doll meticulously by using a soft sponge. While washing, take care of the neck and head, avoid it getting too drenched to reduce the chances of complications. Clean once in 2 weeks to prevent the development of bacteria and prolong the lifespan of the doll’s skin.

The Seven Guides To Clean A Sex Doll-MiisooDoll

What is the proper way to clean a sex doll mouth, anus, and vagina?

There are various methods to clean a sex doll mouth, anus and vagina but we recommend the method in which the doll is laid on her side on the floor, exposing her vagina and anal entry which makes it easily accessible. Thereafter, use a small and soft sponge with antibacterial soap and an adequate quantity of lukewarm water and wash using a medical pincer to push it inside the anus or vagina until it is clean. Rinse with lukewarm water and repeat the process to ensure it is entirely clean. Then, use a medical pincer to slide in a dry sponge in the anus and vaginal to remove moisture content and repeat using a paper towel. After proper cleansing, use talcum powder in the exterior portion of the vagina. Use the above simple cleaning process to wash the mouth and it would be clean.

What is the proper way to clean the doll’s face?

To properly clean the face, detach the head from the body and wig (if possible). Carefully wash the face and avoid water getting into the eyes and eyelashes of the sex doll and then dry with a non-abrasive cloth.

What is the proper way to dry my sex doll after washing?

After cleaning, the next essential process is learning to dry a sex doll. For the majority of the moisture, use a non-abrasive cloth to dry gently. Thereafter, leave the doll to naturally dry in a couple of hours, and towards the end of the drying process apply talcum powder to give the doll a nice fragrance and avoid skin tearing of the doll.

Following these seven guides to properly clean a sex doll will help maintain proper hygiene and durability of the doll.

Note: Do not submerge the head of the doll underwater for whatever reason.

         Do not use water at a very high temperature to rinse to avoid skin tears.

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