Adult sex dolls and sex toys are one of the most profitable industry on the internet. Our Sex Dolls Affiliate Program gives you a way to make extra money and this industry is growing explosively. If you have an adult related website, blog, influencers or anything else that could promote our sex dolls website, you can earn high commissions revenue from sending traffic to our website. Also, our affiliate platform is user friendly and our staff will help you to get set up. 

Read below to have more information and register to our Affiliate Program

How much can you make as a Affiliate Partner?

Our affiliate partners earn 5% commission for each sale generated by their referrals. Since our dolls are wholesale price and factory outlets, the most competitive products in the industry, This makes MiisooDoll have a higher order conversion rate. We will never let our products sell at high prices. We will give our profits to our buyers. If the products are sold at a high price, even if the affiliate member can get a high commission rate, this is a behavior that deceives consumers. Overall, those high product prices will also lead to low order conversion rates. We stick to 15% of the gross profit to ourselves and 5% of the profits to our affiliates.

An example commission: Our best selling doll Vada is valued at $1466. Our affiliate partners earn $73.3 every time one of their referrals purchases her.  ($1466 X 0.05 = $73.3)

How does it work?

Register as a MIISOO SEXDOLL Affiliate Partner.

– Place your affiliate URL on your website.

– When a user clicks through to and makes a purchase, you will automatically earn 5% of the sale.

– Login to your Affiliate Partner Panel at any time to track clicks, conversions and earnings.

– Payouts will be made via paypal once the $300.00 threshold has been reached.

How to become an Affiliate Partner?

If you are not an affiliate but wish to become one, please register here. we’d love to have you on board. Once approved we will send you a personalized URL.  It’s important you use this URL so that we can trace the sales back to your account and pay your commissions.

If you are an existing affiliate, please log in to access your control panel.


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