HR Doll

HR Doll is a company that is popular for its production and research development, especially when it comes to life size TPE sex dolls. The HR dolls Brand is attentive to the needs of customers in terms of hygiene and quality. This is why our team of competent staff is devoted to the manufacture of odorless TPE sex dolls of the best medical grade, eco-friendly with good materials which are standard-compliant and totally free of toxins.

This makes HR sex doll absolutely safe to use. ODM/OEM services are also available. This said, you are warmly invited to discuss long-term business partnerships with us, and we assure you of favorable terms.

What do you stand to gain when you purchase HR dolls?

Gel Breasts.

Gel breasts above the standard breast options. This is because the gel is made to mimic human fat, which provides the right texture and feel to a real-life breast.

Double Knee Joints

These sex dolls are fitted with double knee joints so that they can easily squat without rolling over. These are known as the EVO skeleton.

Flexible Shoulders

With flexible shoulders, these HR sex dolls take on the characteristics of humans.


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