Sex doll video, on this page you can watch MIISOO DOLL series video like 360° sex doll body, sex doll care Videos, sex doll skin Softness, Joint posture test and so on.

These doll videos are unedited videos of our TPE and silicone real sex dolls. These videos are taken by workers or our client with their cellphone cameras and are not edited like the studio photoshoots used to promote and sell sex dolls. No glamour videos here!

Sex Doll’s Skin Softness Test

At, we are always thinking of our customer’s needs! We have to test on the skin of your doll’s head, body, boob, feet or scalp softness.

If you’ve never owned a sex doll before, this is a great way to be able to feel what sex doll feels like and see the Realistic sex doll skin in person before you purchase.

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