For 99.9% Safe Sex, Purchase A Sex Doll

A sex doll is a popular love doll made from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or silicone material to satisfy human sexual pleasures. Sex is an essential aspect of human existence through which we can procreate. Through sex, one can also come in contact with infections that are sexually transmitted called STIs (sexually transmitted disease). To avoid contact with sexually transmitted diseases, the best option is to practice abstinence. Sexual abstinence is a self-enforced restraint from all aspects of sexual activity for medical, social, legal, moral, financial, or religious reasons. Sexual abstinence can be voluntary (when an individual decides not to engage in any sexual activity) or involuntary (when an individual is willing to involve in sexual activity).

With your new loving partner, are you sure you can abstain? What if you are trying to abstain but he/she isn’t?

Ask yourself. Do you know the health status of everybody you’ve had sex with? Most don’t know the health status of people around them, not to talk of outsiders they have casual sex with. Although condoms can be protective, in some cases, they can get torn and lead to unwanted pregnancy or transmission of sexual diseases.

And you definitely wouldn’t want that.

To avoid these, one of the most effective methods to satisfy your sexual cravings is to purchase a sex doll. These sex dolls are ever ready for wild fantasies, flexible enough to switch positions without nagging.

A sex doll creates a bond with the romantic partner, either single or married. After all these you should also return the favor by taking adequate care of it. It is not a hard process. Sex with a TPE or silicone sex doll is 99.9% safe if proper precautions are taken. The precautions involved are cleaning, drying, and storing.

For 99.9% Safe Sex, Purchase A Sex Doll-MiisooDoll

Before cleaning your sex doll, there are several things to take note of;

– Wearing of any sharp or metallic objects (e.g., ring) should be avoided, because it can lead to noticeable scarring of the sex doll while cleaning or drying.

– Do not apply force on the sex doll while cleaning or drying.

– Do not use hot water to wash the skin of the sex doll while cleaning, it would damage it.

– Make sure your sex doll is always dried, prolonged wetness can affect its skin.

– Do not use cleaning agents that can react with the substance the sex doll is made from.

Cleaning a sex doll: Cleaning a sex doll is a necessary precautionary method of ensuring your sex doll is free from infections (e.g., bacteria) that can affect you after usage and from deteriorating fast. Sex dolls are termed safe because of the cleaning care they get from the user. Cleaning of a sex doll can occur in various ways; however, the most ideal method requires the use of mild cleaning agents which includes; Water, a soft sponge, paper towel, medical pincer, antibacterial soap, and talcum powder.

Cleaning a sex doll does not require an expert, it is quite a simpler process. The way you clean the body of a sex doll is different from the way you clean its sexual organs.

For 99.9% Safe Sex, Purchase A Sex Doll-MiisooDoll

To clean the body of the sex doll, you can either wash in a shower bath or dip in a bath tube. Thereafter, apply the antibacterial soap and wash your doll’s skin gently using a soft sponge. Ensure the head is not drenched to reduce the chances of complications and prolong the lifespan of the doll’s skin.

To clean the anus and vagina of the sex doll, ensure the love doll is laid on her side on the floor, which exposes the vagina and anal entry to make it accessible for easy cleaning. Thereafter, apply the antibacterial soap to the soft sponge and cleanse with a medical pincer to slide in and out of the anus and vagina until it is termed clean. Rinse with lukewarm water till it is clean, thereafter use a medical pincer to hold a dry sponge, and slide in and out gently to dry the moisture content, and repeat with a paper towel. Thereafter, carefully apply talcum powder to the exterior of the vagina, then leave to dry naturally. Check on the next blog on how to store a sex doll!

If these cleaning processes are followed, the sex doll will be free from any pathogens that can cause disease or infections, and considered to be 99.9% safer.

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