Can Sex Dolls Relieve Loneliness?

A sex doll, love doll, or blown-up doll is a realistic sex toy usually used to facilitate masturbation. They typically come with a porous part, and they are mostly silicone; they may be rechargeable and have vibrating functions. Sex dolls are known to be used all over the world to increase sex drive.

Aside from increasing sex drive and aiding masturbation, there have been arguments on the ability of sex dolls to relieve loneliness. Many people buy sex dolls for the sake of sex alone, but with a closer look, most of these people feel lonely, and having sex dolls makes them feel less lonely.

You may be thinking that loneliness can only be eradicated or relieved when there is someone around you to talk to or interact with. Still, the fact that one can feel lonely in a room filled with people is proof that human presence isn’t necessarily a sure way of taking away loneliness. So, it makes sense that sex dolls may help relieve loneliness.

Aside from basic human needs like food and water, physical touch is essential. Although lack of physical communication won’t kill you, it may make you feel stressed or moody. It may also lead to health issues in the long run as your body releases extra stress hormones. So, when physical touch is absent for a while, it doesn’t bring good results. When you begin to feel stressed and lonely, it affects your attitude to all areas of your life. Probably due to the critical social distancing or due to being single, many are currently experiencing loneliness. Getting yourself a sex doll may be the solution to your problem.

Can Sex Dolls Relieve Loneliness?-MiisooDoll

Gone are the days when sex dolls were made of plastic and would be cold to touch.

Nowadays, sex doll manufacturing companies have advanced their skills, and sex dolls are now being made with TPE and silicone. These recent sex dolls feel almost like human skin, and they are usually warm for long periods. Although there is a wide variety of sex toys, sex dolls are more preferred because they are more like normal human beings. You could lay down under the duvet while spooning your sex doll as you watch TV. This makes you feel like you are in bed with someone and keeps you from being lonely. You wouldn’t be able to do that with an ordinary vibrator. You could wrap your legs and arms around your sex doll while you fall asleep, but you can’t wrap your legs around your dildo- the difference between sex dolls and other sex toys is very significant and cannot be bridged.

Can Sex Dolls Relieve Loneliness?-MiisooDoll

There are different shapes and sizes of sex dolls, so you have a wide range to choose from.

If you prefer a tall and curvy figure or prefer a busty figure type, you can get it exactly how you want it. Research has shown that most people who buy order sex dolls give detailed descriptions of how they want it to look, even to the tiniest details like the color of lips and hair. Sex doll companies now work in line with these details to give a more personalized effect. So, when your sex doll has the type of shape you like, it makes you feel more attached to the doll. Hence, you don’t feel lonely.

Sex dolls can also help you while away from time by exploring your sexual fantasies without limits or boundaries. There are probably certain things you think you like, but you haven’t tried out with your partner, maybe because you aren’t sure of their reaction or you wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings if it turns out you don’t like it. Sex dolls give you the chance to try out different things without judgment or complaints. Your sex doll can help you exercise your imaginations and fantasies. This enables you to improve your skills, so when you are having sex with a partner, you are not just learning.

Although a sex doll cannot replace human touch, it helps significantly relieve the feeling of loneliness.

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