Real Life Sex Dolls Are Companions

Every human being needs physical touch and companionship. We all want to feel loved and wanted. Friendship is very much required, regardless of age or sex. However, we all want to be with someone doesn’t undermine the fact that we are humans and always make mistakes. But then, even though we know that humans can hurt us, we can’t eradicate the need for companionship.

Conversely, one may have a faraway partner, and even with phone calls and FaceTime, companionship is still needed. Nothing can replace physical touch. Hearing your partner’s voice on the phone won’t have the same effect as cuddling with them. The advent of sex dolls has provided a solution to these problems.

Sex dolls are sex toys that are used to increase sex drive. They are made with different materials and have a wide price range. Sex dolls are available in different genders(male and female), races(Asian, American, African), body sizes, and shapes. Sex dolls that are made to look like a particular person are known as portrait sex dolls, while those sex dolls that are made without anyone in mind are called abstract sex dolls. Sex dolls usually have penetrable openings(at least one). It may be the vagina, anus, or mouth. The parts that are made to be penetrated by the user are usually removable to make cleaning easy. These dolls have a weight that is close to or even more than the weight of an average human, making them feel even more real.

Real Life Sex Dolls Are Companions-MiisooDoll

Sex dolls have far advanced from plastic mannequins, and they are now made with silicone and TPE, making them very similar to humans. They are warmer and softer to touch, with artificially heated orifices and realistic features like their hair, skin color, eyes, and even clothes! Sex dolls are popularly known to be used for sex by many people. When you hear or think of sex dolls, sex is the first thing that comes to mind, not even companionship. The truth is that sex dolls are sex toys that also create emotional intimacy. They give more than just sex. Sex dolls are being marketed as a relief from loneliness.

Sex dolls are human-like, so they do much more than ordinary sex toys. You can wrap your arms and legs around a sex doll, but you can’t hug a dildo. The fact that sex dolls

Sex dolls help to fill the void that comes with being lonely. After some findings, some therapists have claimed that living with sex dolls may be an effective and transitional healing process for trauma victims when supported by professional and therapeutic care. People who have depression or other kinds of psychological issues may feel better when they have sex dolls because these realistic sex toys can be cuddled with and treated like semi-human. Although some health experts have argued that sex dolls may have adverse health effects, no report has been heard about a health issue caused by sex dolls.

As they are commonly called by people who use them, love dolls can be used as social companions and artificial partners. They help you evade the drama, stress, and complications that come with human relationships if you find them too difficult to cope with. If you are bored and you can’t seem to find something to do, you may explore your sexual fantasies with your sex doll without awkwardness or judgment of any kind. You can cuddle with your doll as you fall asleep, making you feel like you are not alone.

Real Life Sex Dolls Are Companions-MiisooDoll

Sex dolls are not human and do not talk, but they can play a significant role as partners. They reduce the feeling of loneliness to the barest minimum, and their presence gives the feeling of having a companion. Sex dolls offer companionship in addition to enjoyable sex life. Who wouldn’t want that? Most of your friends who offer you friendship and camaraderie will not allow sex since you are not committed to them. In the same vein, a random one-night stand won’t provide companionship. Interestingly, with sex dolls, you have both of them without any complaints or limits.

It’s almost awesome what a mere thing without actual life can do to you and do for you.

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