Is Owning A Sex Doll An Emotional Deception?

Sex dolls have been used to facilitate sex and masturbation. Some sex dolls are made according to buyers’ specifications from body size, eye color, lip color, skin tone, and other tiny details. They usually have orifices for penetration that men utilize. Sex dolls have become widely known and accepted for sexual uses.

More recently, however, it has become revealed that sex dolls serve more purposes aside from sex. Sex dolls have been used as companions and even as partners. The use of sex dolls isn’t just for sex for most people. They see sex dolls as friends and companions that help them relieve loneliness.

There have been stories of people who have taken their sex dolls to be their partners instead of human beings. According to them, love dolls cannot lie to them, hurt them or nag them, so it is easier to deal with sex dolls than humans. They claim that nothing could go wrong with sex dolls, unlike humans’ pressure, judgments, and complaints. To those (men), sex dolls are a species of totally obedient, harmless, and silent. They make them feel in control of the relationship always, and they never question their authority.

On the other hand, asian sex dolls help people not to feel alone. Nowadays, sex dolls are made with silicone and other materials that make them feel warm and soft so that people can hug or cuddle them. They also look like humans and have weight and height that make them feel like humans. This makes it possible for people to see them as their friends, not just sex dolls. Having them around, lying down with them, cuddling them at night makes people feel more comfortable with them, aside from the aspect of an increased sex drive.

Is Owning A Sex Doll An Emotional Deception?-MiisooDoll

People who have to be alone either due to long-distance relationships or being single seem to find solace in sex dolls. Since hearing the voice of their partners on the phone or seeing their faces on video calls cannot replace physical touch, sex dolls effectively bridge that gap to a large extent.

Many people have created emotional bonds with sex dolls in recent times. We heard of a man who allegedly exchanged wedding bands with his sex doll and has been with the doll for over ten years, and he may not have been able to sustain such a long-term relationship with women, hence his decision to turn to BBW sex doll.

Heartbroken people commonly order sex dolls that look exactly like their ex-partners or late partners(in the case of those who lost their partners). This has been proven to help them heal from the trauma and depression they usually experience. Seeing sex dolls that have been specially crafted to look like their former partners with their physical features like their skin tone, lip color, eye color, height, body shape, body size, height, and even peculiar body flaws like moles, wrinkles, belly fat, and stretch marks make them feel better. Although these dolls wouldn’t be able to do all the things their former partners used to do, seeing them and touching them make them feel closer to their former partners and gradually miss them less.

Is Owning A Sex Doll An Emotional Deception?-MiisooDoll

The question of whether or not sex dolls bring about emotional deception is answered with strong negation. If people who use sex dolls become obsessed with them or cannot have peaceful relationships with other people, owning dolls may be tagged emotional deception. But, since reverse is the case, in no way can owning sex dolls be seen as emotional deception.

Although some may be emotionally attached to the sex dolls they own, there is no issue of deception as the sex doll owners know that their sex dolls are sex toys that have been made to look and feel like humans. Also, the people who own and use sex dolls are fully aware that the miisoodoll are limited in capacity.

Sex doll producing companies are also evident on the purpose of the sex dolls. They have been made for sexual purposes and to ease loneliness as well.  What more could a man want?  Basic packages all in one and then  it causes no troubles in particular

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