Life Expectancy Of Sex Dolls

Goodbyes and deaths are always the hardest thing to do, whether it be a friend, a partner or even a sex doll. But unlike humans who are prone to death diseases and other causes of untimely death, the ‘death’ of a sex doll is quite timely. And because sex dolls are quite a big deal, before even owning, managing and getting attached to one, you might want to know what to expect regarding the longevity of your sex doll. But before getting into that, it is important to note that like every other aspect of life, a sex doll that is well taken care of, is more likely to live and last longer than one that is poorly managed. So, while there is no way of telling exactly your doll’s death date, there are many factors that come into play. Here are some of these factors;

The doll material

This is the most important thing to look out for when choosing a sex doll, is its longevity, if you intend for it to last long. The better and more superior the material the dolls are made of, the more likely it will withstand adverse temperatures, humidity and other mechanical factors that would cause it to diminish. However, the downside to this is that top quality sex dolls; TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls are comparatively more expensive; especially the latter (silicone sex dolls). But then, this is a normal quality and price relationship, and if you are one to get attached to your sex doll, then getting the best quality doll is an investment in the wise direction. This is because the more expensive a good doll gets, the longer will it last by your side.

Life Expectancy Of Sex Dolls-MiisooDoll

The usage

This is a no-brainer; the more the use of your sex doll, the shorter its lifespan. Also considering the fact that sex is a physical activity which involves a lot of mechanical movement. However, for regular use, this effect of wear and tear could be lessened by proper care and maintenance of your anime sex dolls. Especially when it comes to hydration and lubrication. Also, it is very important to handle your doll with utmost care, or more appropriately ‘like you would a life partner’. Manhandling your doll could lead to pressure dents, breaks and even tears, all of which is certain to reduce the lifespan of your doll. So, the rougher you are with your doll, the shorter it will last in good condition.


Maintaining sex dolls is very paramount for a lot of reasons, especially when it comes to your sexual health. In addition to this, maintenance is one of the easiest ways to guarantee a longer life span for your dolls. This involves regular cleaning –including and especially the orifices, frequent hydration using mineral oils, use of (water-based) lubricants, and most importantly, avoiding harmful chemicals. Harmful chemicals are especially harmful if you’re using silicone or TPE sex dolls. Some of these chemicals include solvents, alcohol, silicone oil etc. This means that you should maintain your dolls well if you want them to last long for you.

Another important aspect is with regards storage, and the ideal thing to remember is to store your sex doll in a cool, dry place and in a straight position, or with a sex doll suspension kit. Extremes temperatures and humidity are some of the factors that shorten the lifespan of your sex dolls.

Remember, that a sex doll is a sexual object and could be a potential means to transmit infections. Hence, even if you would share, it is safer to do so responsibly.

Life Expectancy Of Sex Dolls-MiisooDoll

I must mention though, that before all of the aforementioned, you must ensure to get your sex doll from a trustworthy supplier, such as Miisoodoll. Miisoo sex dolls are protected by a buyers protection guarantee to ensure top quality and easy replacement, repair or even compensation in case of damage or faults all at a zero cost and in a very short time.

In conclusion, because a sex doll is a long-term investment, one must be committed to first owning a quality doll, one that is free of any damages. With proper usage and maintenance, you could use your doll for many, many years.

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