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Taking Care Of Your Sex Dolls: 4 Important Things You Should Know

One big issue with intimacy generally, is the hygiene aspect. Definitely, this will not be a problem for many people; except for the natural fear of contracting venereal diseases. So, while it might be offensive to ask your partner to shower every time you two are intimate, a sex doll could be cleaned as often as it satisfies one’s personal taste. In fact, the more one maintains his doll, the longer its lifespan. It is also very important to note, that dolls too could harbor diseases, if shared indiscriminately or if it is not cleaned regularly. Below are tips that will help you take adequate care of your small tits sex doll;

Clean Your Doll

Cleaning your sex doll is not a complex activity at all, it’s the same with the basic personal hygiene methods. You should bathe your doll regularly, preferably after each use. Or in the case of non-regular use, you could clean it every two to four weeks. This could be done with a simple soap and water and afterwards dried with a clean towel. It is very preferable to use towels, because hairdryers produce temperatures above 40 degrees which could melt the doll, especially TPE sex dolls. The rest of the humidity could be cleared using baby powder.

The orifices of your female sex doll; mouth, vagina, and anus, should be cleaned with its flusher, your doll would most likely come with one if bought from the right store. They could be dried with a clean towel or a tampon; though the latter is more effective.

The wig is best cleaned separately, preferably with a shampoo and a gentle conditioner. After washing and rinsing, you could then dry it separately and comb. But remember to be gentle whenever you clean. You could also get a spare wig for your doll, if you like to change her appearance every once in a while.

Store Your Doll Properly

The best position to store your silicone sex doll is in a straight one, as keeping it bent for too long might cause skin cracks and wrinkles to appear prematurely. Another nice way to keep your sex doll safe is using a sex doll suspension kit to hang it. Also, storing in at the right temperature and humidity would prevent it from wears and tears; the cooler and dryer, the better.

Another way to prevent wears and tears is by keeping it hydrated, at least once a month. This could be done using mineral oil such as baby oil, Vaseline or any other gentle moisturizer cream. The application is not complex either, just apply the moisturizer cream all over the body and allow it to absorb over two hours (and twelve hours for the orifices). Also, remember to use a quality water-based lube for lubrication, to enhance durability and experience.

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Inspect Your Doll Regularly

After talking about how much cleaning and storing your real doll, you should understand that despite all these, you doll would still wear, tear or degrade over time. This is because it doesn’t regenerate like the human skin does, hence you should check for signs to know if your doll is starting to suffer some damage. This is preferably before use; and during cleaning, after use. You should look out for tears, cracked parts, stains etc. Crack parts because they could harbor microorganisms which could be a source of transmission of infection.

Things To Avoid

High temperature tops this list; this includes hot water, hair dryers etc., because they hasten degradation of the dolls, or even out rightly melt the dolls in extreme cases.

Chemicals such as solvents; including spirits, thinners, and alcohol (including alcohol based perfumes should be avoided). This hastens the degradation of your sex doll TPE and shortens its lifespan.

Other oils: the best oil to use for your TPE sex doll is baby oil, followed by other mineral oils. But it is best to avoid oils like silicone oil and vegetable oil or any cosmetic products that contain them.

To sum it up, cleaning your sex doll, is as important as cleaning yourself, especially when it comes to maintaining your sexual health.

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