Enhance Your Fantasy – How To Dress Your Sex Doll

Part of the fantasy of owning a sex doll is undressing her before you plunge deep inside. Your sex doll comes with your ideal body type, and while you’re dying to see her naked, she looks so sexy in some lingerie as well. 

In this article, we’ll provide you with some tips and tricks for dressing up your sex doll. If your fantasy is pulling off your girl’s underwear with your teeth, then we’ll show you everything you need to acme your dreams a reality.

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Why Dress Up Your Sex Doll? 

Dressing up your sex doll is a great way to keep things exciting., Sure, sometimes you just want to lube her up and get things started straight away. However, you might also want to practice your romantic and darker sexual side as well. 

Does the thought out a gorgeous girl wearing mid-length fishnet stockings lacy panties, and a bra turn you on? By dressing up your doll, you get to extend your sexual experience and make it seem more lifelike.

Role-Playing with Your Sex Doll

Dressing up with your doll can be a fun way to explore role-playing fantasies. Have you been fantasizing about getting a blowjob from a secretary while she wears her glasses? You can make it happen with a few props. Maybe you want to dress her up like a schoolgirl and have your way with a teen? Whatever your fantasy, you can dress up your sex doll, and she’ll be willing to play along.

Change Her Appearance with a Wig

Your TPE sex doll comes with a wig of your choice. Choose from dozens of designs to customize your sex doll to your preferences. However, we recommend that you get your sex doll a few extra wigs. Changing your doll’s hair is the best way to make a dramatic difference in her appearance. 

Turn her from a blonde to a brunette, or even a redhead, without a dye-job. Changing wigs keep things different, and you’ll feel like you’re fucking three different girls.

A Touch of Makeup Enhances Your Fantasy

After dressing up your sex doll in your fantasy lingerie, give her a touch of makeup to enhance the sexual experience. Adding a coat of glossy black lipstick to her lips will look great as she swallows your dick. Makeup is one of the best ways to make her look like your favorite porn star. Review your favorite scenes and get to work with the mascara and eyeliner. 

Go Shopping for Your Sex Doll

If you want a thrill, then go shopping for a new outfit for your sex doll at the mall. Visit a department store like Victoria’s Secret, and ask the attendant for some help. When the attendant sees you picking out lingerie for a girl with perfect proportions, it’ll pique her interest. 

Play coy and act like you’re interested, and you may even get the attendant’s number if you do your flirting professionally.

Wrapping Up – Keep it Clean

Remember to remove all your sex doll’s clothing before you store her away. Some dark fabrics may leach dye onto her, staining her skin.

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