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All of the sexy love dolls come just as you seem them in their photos.  All of the options have been pre-selected for you for easy one-click ordering of the sex doll just as you see her!

These sex dolls will come with semi-permanent make-up as shown in her photos (or as close to it as the sex doll make-up artist can hand-paint) and the hairstyle shown on her as well!

Sex doll sizes range from 100cm reduced size adult sex dolls up to 176cm extremely realistic lifesize female sex dolls.

All of our sex dolls have a fully articulated metal skeleton which allows them to pose in just about any position a human woman can, sexual or otherwise.

The majority of our sex dolls are made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) which is velvety soft and feels very lifelike to touch and squeeze. TPE sex dolls are very high-quality, realistic and lifelike both in look and feel and are surprisingly affordable.

We also have Silicone sex dolls, which are slightly more durable than TPE sex dolls, are less porous, firmer to the touch and also have a higher cost.


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