2B Sex Doll

At MiisooDoll, our 2B sex dolls are designed with the best steel skeleton with flexible joints so you can enjoy many types of sex positions in the bedroom. We want you both to be as adventurous as you desire. These love dolls have the softest vaginas and asses to swallow your dick in all sorts of ways. To spice things up, you can have sex with our realistic 2B sex doll in the shower, on a kitchen counter, or on the bare ground. Positions that involve her riding you are the best for you both to explore. Moreover, here are our top 6 sex positions you both can do in the bedroom at all times for greater orgasm:

Missionary is a famous sex position that is hot because of the intensity it can bring on: the skin-to-skin contact, eye contact, the close-up smells of each other’s bodies, and just the mere closeness of two bodies. It opens the door for loads of sensuality on top of the intense pleasure that comes with sex of any kind. Here’s how you and your 2B love doll can explore missionary: place your love doll on her back, part her legs sideways, then insert your hard dick. If you want deeper penetration, place a pillow beneath your lower back to prop up your real doll’s pelvis. To make it more fun, you can ejaculate inside her or on her hot body, breasts, or stomach.


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