Matan – 175cm Realistic Human Silicone Man Sex Doll

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This silicone man sex doll is an instant hit with women once they see him. His strong jaw and dark brown eyes are some of the features that make him an attractive contender. This human love doll has a hawkish jaw and defined cheek bones that make him look like the perfect looking man.

His chiseled six pack is well defined perhaps from his ever athletic routines. This realistic man doll is a goal keeper for a small international football team. His status has earned him a famous reputation amongst groupies and female fans. As a result, women throw themselves at this cutey.

Sometimes real doll men make the best friends we never knew we could have. Not only is he perfect for women sex with sex doll, but also, he can listen to you without any judgement. Realistic sex dolls for women are the best friends with benefits to have.

Silicone Man Sex Doll Measurements

Brand Iron Tech Doll
Height 175cm
Breastline 90cm
Waistline 76cm
Hip line 99cm
Shoulder width 43cm
Thigh line 54cm
Calfline 46cm
Feet Size 25cm
Weight 50kg
Penis 18cm or 27cm


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