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In most relationships, the man does not feel happy. Most men are in abusive relationships, and they do not get the level of companionship, commitment, or sex that they want, which is why it is a more feasible decision to opt for a real lifelike sex doll.

Most women simply sell sex, but with a lifelike adult sex doll, you’re not paying for sex; you’re simply with a sex doll who values you and provides great sex without stress.

When you see the most lifelike sex doll for sale, you will discover that behind every incredible doll is a team of professionals who ensured that the real life-like sex dolls fit your desire. Most of the latex love dolls are beautiful, have smooth skin, and have similar looks and features to a real woman.

The latex love dolls are cheap life-like sex dolls that come with a smooth skin that is very delicate and feels very real. She has an amazing height. She doesn’t give you any regrets.


[elemHeight: 170cm
Bust: 92cm
Down bust: 63cm
Hip: 92cm
Waist: 50cm
Shoulder : 32cm
Arm Length: 66cm
Hand Length: 17cm
Leg Length: 90cm
Oral: 12cm
Vaginal: 20cm
Anus: 20cm
Foot Length: 23cm
Neck Circumference: 28cm
Net Weight: 38KGentor-template id=”10508″]


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