Interesting facts about Real sex dolls

Real sex dolls have taken the sex toy industry by the scruff of the neck. They are hugely popular and breaking all the previous trends that were associated with sex toys. They have removed the stigma around the term sex toys, as the real sex dolls have brought in a huge change in how these things were viewed in the past.

The real sex dolls are becoming increasingly popular with not only males but also females. They are breaking stereotypes and helping people in attaining sexual and intimate gratification. Keeping in mind the popularity of these real dolls, we have made an ensemble of some interesting facts about them. Here are some of these interesting facts:

For some people, it’s much more than sex

A large no of customers who own these real sex dolls develop deep emotional connections and attachments with them. It is especially helpful to emotionally challenge people as they have a support system to revert back to They also prove to be perfect companions that don’t judge their users.

Not all real sex dolls are the same

Real dolls offer a lot of diversity just like human beings. Some are inflatable blow-up dolls made up of vinyl while others are fashioned by using sophisticated and enhanced silicone and TPE materials. They are very advanced as they can be bent and various parts are detachable which makes the cleaning easier. Some have internal heating systems that give you the feel of real human skin.

Real Sex doll brothels are a thing in Japan

There are various brothels in Japan that have these real sex dolls to give you carnal pleasures instead of real women. These realistic sex dolls are properly maintained and people pay a lot of money to enjoy lovemaking sessions with these dolls.

An American Story

A man living in Michigan, United States of America, has 3 real sex dolls. The man that has the handle as “Davecat” says that he is married to one of them while the two others are his mistresses. He said that he was married to the first doll and named her “Sidore Kuroneko” while the other two are known as Muriel and Elena. Muriel and Elena are supposedly his mistresses.

The British Couple who own the most dolls

Bob and Lizzie from the UK have supposedly the largest collection of these real sex dolls. They own 240 of these Miisoodoll and say that they never use them for sex. They said that these dolls are just to make the house more fun as they do a variety of activities with these dolls.

Heartbroken men are known to customize real sex dolls

A research has revealed that heartbroken men usually are the ones that customize their sex dolls. They customize their dolls in such a way that they resemble their lost loved ones and thus they find gratification in them in this way.

Barbie is modeled after a German sex doll

Bild Lilli” A German cartoon based doll was the inspiration behind the creation of the infamous Barbie doll.

It is illegal to have sex with a real sex doll in public in the USA

A resident of Florida, George found out that in the hard way when he was arrested for trying to do obscene things with two inflatable dolls in a park in 2008.

Eastern Europeans and their dolls

Eastern Europeans apparently love using their real sex dolls in swimming competitions. In Lithuania, during men’s national day, a race is involved in which sex dolls are used as rafts. Russians also used to organize an event known as the Bubble Baba Challenge in which men rocketed down the river afloat on these real sex dolls. The competition was abandoned in 2013 amid health and safety concerns.

The countries and cities that love real sex dolls the most

Philippines comes out on top with Australia and USA second and third respectively. People of Sydney and Melbourne come out on top while LA and Chicago are close on the second spot.

Hence it can be concluded that sex dolls are providing people with not only gratification but also happiness which basically is what we humans strive for.


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