A Love Doll Affair: Getting A Mind-blowing Orgasm

Learning how our bodies function is quite a unique and thrilling experience for everyone. For most women, the big ‘O’ is a reality they would love to experience very frequently. To be honest, they want it every time they have sex. For men, it is quite easy to have erections that lead to a climax of ecstasy. For women, it can become a task since they need to be properly prepped to have some honey dripping from their vaginas.

Thankfully, there are more women who are in the industry where silicone sex dolls and toys are manufactured. They are a representation of every other woman out there so they can tailor their needs into wonderful artistic creations.

A number of reviews from women have shown that their male sex dolls are actually realistic sex dolls. Unlike when they are with human male lovers with whom they can pretend to reach an orgasm, they really do not have to feign satisfaction if they aren’t satisfactied. Over time, we see women get more and more turned on by the sheer joy of finding the ‘man’ that matches their dream lover. You know, seeing the broad chest, the packs, the trail of hair that seems to lead them on to an eye-popping bulge nestled between folds of real pubic hair. It simply sends thrills of excitement running up and down their spine.

A Love Doll Affair: Getting A Mind-blowing Orgasm-MiisooDoll

Here’s what we think you can do to have an explosive and mind-blowing orgasm with your sexual doll.

  • First things first: Treat your vaginal orifice like a queen

The truth about getting amazing orgasms always begins with accepting our own bodies. Vaginal care is a habit every woman should take as seriously as the act of a penetrating penis itself. So you may find it really interesting to do a kind of hero worship for your vagina, clitoris, vaginal lips, anal opening (for those who love anal sex), and g-spot. It is also a healthy practice you will really love.

  • Be in the Moment

Presence of mind is being conscious about loving up on your sex doll. It means being intentional about it all, feeling the tactile movements, the gliding of tongues and hands all over the body, and simply allowing yourself to feel cocooned in the warmth of love. Interestingly, more love dolls are being made with warmer penises and vibrators in the scrotal sacs hanging just under their penis. So you see, all your needs were in the minds of the manufacturers when they were sculpting your these realistic sex dolls to perfection. Some female sex dolls also have some vibrators rumbling in their pelvic bones. Thus, there is something for every lover, both male and female.

A Love Doll Affair: Getting A Mind-blowing Orgasm-MiisooDoll
  • Enjoy Happily Ever Afters

It may be an extra source of pleasure for a threesome with your anime sex doll and your partner. Some people love being penetrated from the mouth and vagina simultaneously. This may bring you to heights of pleasure that gives you waves upon waves of orgasms. But you won’t know unless you try. Why hesitate with a little fun? Take it a step at a time and you will soon realize how stuck you are with having sweet sex with a silicone sex doll.


For those of us who have been in the business of selling realistic sex dolls to our wonderful clientele, it gives us a sense of fulfilment that we are able to provide the very best sex dolls for our clients.

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