Sex Doll Accessories

Sex Doll Accessories | sex doll head | extra doll head | doll closet bar suspension kit for sale
At MiisooDoll, We provide Closet Bar Suspension Kit for your sex dolls, you can also buy extra sex doll heads, sex doll wigs, sex doll eyes.

In order to help you facilitate the storage of your dolls, We designed sex doll suspension kits, doll headstands for your dream lover Which will ensure that their precious physical features are not flattened or scratched and increase the life of sex dolls

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Pick extra replacement heads to prevent you from spending too much time choosing beautiful women, meet the needs of aesthetic diversity.

Our products add durability to the doll. We have tested these sex doll accessories on our own dolls and used them in our warehouse and showroom for the storage of sex dolls because it maintains posture and body without bending or twisting. Free hanging makes it a perfect choice to store your dolls.

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