148cm Silicone Sex Dolls

Super Hot 148cm silicone girls sex dolls

The best silicone dolls are manufactured by us at MiisooDoll. These real dolls are made to be partners, girlfriends, and sometimes wives if you desire. They are so nurturing, caring, and committed to doing the love work. This category is full of hot and stunning 148cm silicone sex dolls that will make you give us your money before you know it. They are high quality sex dolls with all sorts of pretty hairstyles, lips, colors, and forms.

Taking care of our 148cm silicone love dolls is easy as pie. You should clean your lifelike sexy doll frequently, usually after usage or contact with bodily fluid with warm water and a light soap. You can apply baby powder to your life size silicone doll’s body to keep her skin nice and soft. Remember that by keeping your sex doll clean and undamaged, you’ll keep yourself and your female silicon doll healthy, and you’ll extend her lifespan by years.

Moreover, giving her that kind of physical love will do you well in return. You can enjoy her more and more. She has the best steel skeleton for movement and durability. You can have sex with her in the kitchen, on the table, in the bedroom, or by the door. Our 148cm silicone dolls are down for anything you crave. They see you as their Lord and master.

You can also customize their pubic region however you desire. If you love pubic hair on your woman, we will gladly add it to her body. Whatever you want in a woman, we can give it to you. Choose from our 148cm silicone sex dolls and enjoy a new life.

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