Impact of COVID-19 on Sex Dolls Industry

The coronavirus pandemic has put life to a standstill in almost every part of the world. The deadly virus, that supposedly originated in china has since spread to every part of the world. It was declared as a pandemic soon enough by the World Health Organization. The virus spreads through droplets and contact therefore social distancing had to be ensured in order for it to stop spreading. It has literally frozen the economies of the world and almost all the businesses have suffered.

In recent years, the global silicone sex dolls market experienced healthy growth, and during the unpredicted COVID-19 emergency, the market is anticipated to experience additional growth in 2020, due to the growing demand for sexual enhancement devices. This growth is mainly owing to growing consumer popularity for purchasing silicone sex dolls because most silicone sex dolls are designed to look similar to human genitals. This study is designed to understand the condition of the global silicone sex doll market in the coronavirus emergency period, and the below inferences.

Due to the benefits of silicone sex dolls, a swift change in consumer perception about silicone sex dolls along with increasing awareness among people about the health benefits of silicone sex dolls is significantly driving the growth of the market. In addition, the legalization of silicone sex dolls in several countries due to the penetration of social media and pop culture is expected to boost market growth in the forecast years. This expected growth is attributed to the growing acceptance of silicone sex dolls to enhancing sexual life.

However, the cost associated with sexual improvement products coupled with the risk of chemicals that are used in the making of silicone sex dolls is a major restraint for the growth of the market. Also, the risk associated with the addition of using a silicone sex doll may further limit the market growth in the forecast years.

Coronavirus may have wreaked havoc on other businesses around the world but it is projected to impact the Silicone Sex doll industry in a positive way. As per the recent evidence and data, COVID-19 illness is not a sexually transmitted disease, however, it can pass through close contact with an infected person while having sex. This means there is a potential risk of transmitting the coronavirus through physical touching if the person has the virus. This is contributing to the popularity of these realistic sex dolls and sales will increase dramatically. This expected growth is attributed to quarantining and physical distancing. The situation is incompatible for sex with partners, and sexual desire and pleasure are natural human needs and emotions; thereby people are choosing the best sex dolls along with sexually related products to fulfill their sexual desires during the quarantine.

Impact of COVID-19 on Sex Dolls Industry-MiisooDoll

Since the emergency began across the globe to curb the virus spread, there is a massive surge in the demand for sexual enhancement products and silicone sex dolls. That is a reason for the 35% increase in sales of these realistic dolls. For instance, the sales have been reported to have increased significantly in the USA, Australia, and China. This urge can only be attributed to the pandemic.

The era of sex dolls has arrived and the pandemic has actually helped this industry to establish itself on the global level. This growth is mainly attributed to the increasing number of online retailers due to rapid growth in the e-commerce platforms along with increasing awareness about Silicone sex dolls usage due to social media and pop culture penetration. These factors are expected to create ample growth opportunities in the global market. This increase in demand is boosting many manufacturers to launch novel designs and advanced products to increase their product sales in the global market. For instance, leading Silicone sex dolls manufacturer MiisooDoll is developing innovative sexual enrichment devices by using blockchain technology that enables remote interaction with the device.

In addition, many healthcare professionals are suggesting Silicone sex dolls for the treatment of sexually-related problems in people. For example, some medications can impact sexual pleasure and function in both males and females including antidepressants, cancer treatment, blood pleasure, and heart medicines, and many doctors are suggesting the use of sex devices for such health problems. Their contribution to this cause has also increased their popularity among physicians who are recommending the use of these realistic sex dolls to deal with medical issues related to sexuality.

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