How To Beautify Your Sex Dolls

Humans are fashionable beings. Since the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden and their eyes were opened about each other nakedness, humans have sort for fashionable means, not just to cover our nakedness but to also improve our outlook.

A popular saying has us thinking “should we address people with the way they dress?”

In the case of love dolls, we want to teach you how to beautify a realistic teen sex doll.

Finding the perfect outlook for sex dolls shouldn’t be considered as time-wasting nor squandering. Primarily, a real sex doll comes with a wig after purchase but it would be nice if while maintaining your love doll, you change the wig at your own preference. It is a means of enhancing the beauty of your sex dolls and alternating their outlook.

Wigs are beautiful and they come with these exciting aesthetic pleasures. They are in different lengths, volumes, styles, and colors. When you want to purchase a wig you like, for a sex doll, you must pay close attention to the skin tone. So that it fits well and improves the appearance of your sex doll. Don’t be eccentric when it comes to maintaining your love doll, especially when you want to change the wig. Some cleaning methods must be maintained before wearing a wig for a sex doll. Moreover, there are different maintenance methods for a wig depending on the fiber components. Due to the fiber components in human hair and the expensive budget, it is required that is adequately maintained (i.e cleansing, sanitized, and inspected) other than the synthetic hair with relatively low maintenance and a lot cheaper.

How To Beautify Your Sex Dolls-MiisooDoll

Maintenance of Wigs

One of the most important beauty and health tips is that “Never wear a wig for your sex doll that hasn’t been cleaned, inspected and sanitized.”

Make it a primary duty that the wig has to be properly cleaned before bonding with the sex doll. Wigs last longer with proper care.

Different Types Of Wigs

Wigs are pretty hair accessories made from human hair, animal hair, or synthetic fibers. Three main types of wigs suitable for a sex doll: lace frontal wigs, 360 frontal wigs, and full lace wigs.

Lace frontal wigs

This particular wig is a popular one. It is called a lace frontal wig because it gives a natural hairline appearance with the illusion that the hair grows from the scalp. It has a nearly invisible lace material that hairs are individually attached to.

360 lace frontal wigs

A 360-lace front wig is very similar to a lace frontal wig. It has everything a lace frontal has, except that it is laced around the whole perimeter of the wig, making it look like a natural hairline appearance with the illusion that the hair has a complete scalp growth. It also allows you to wear your hair in a ponytail.

Full lace wig

A full lace wig has a base that is made of lace, making it a bit versatile, unlike the lace frontal wigs. It allows you to see the scalp when parted and also to wear your hair in different hairstyles. Moreover, it comes at a higher price range.

How To Beautify Your Sex Dolls-MiisooDoll

How to properly wear a wig for a sex doll

There are three main methods you can practice:

1 . Wear like a natural hat: This is the first and easiest method to wear a wig for most love dolls owner, it involves little to no skill. It can fall off during lovemaking, therefore it is not a reliable option.

2 . Use a wig cap and hair clip: This method is quite popular, simple, and safer. It requires you to purchase a wig cap of the appropriate size and hair clip.

First, you put on the wig cap on the big boobs sex dolls head.

Secondly, slowly slide the wig you purchase on it and adjust on all sides.

Lastly, use the hair clips to firmly hold the hair and the wig cap together.

3 . Use a wig cap and Velcro: This is quite similar to using a hair clip but it is stronger and easier to pull off. 

First, you put on the wig cap on the sex doll’s head.

Secondly, put one side of the Velcro on your wig and the other side on the inside of the wig.

Lastly, put on the wig and then the Velcro squares will stick together.


Avoid the use of adhesives or glues as it can cause damage to the scalp of the sex doll.

Avoid the use of fitted elastic bands that can leave permanent scarring on the doll’s skin

Avoid the use of dark-colored wig caps that can leave stains on your doll, if left for a long period.

Keep your sexual dolls in a clean environment.

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